I want to take a second and welcome as well as thank you for checking out the Official Bethanie Mattek website. This is my first site, and I am anxious to hear what everyone thinks and what my fans want to see. All your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated to help me and my site grow. As you can imagine my daily schedule is quite demanding, but I will try and keep you up to date with everything that is going on with the Sony Ericson WTA tour and of course my life outside of tennis. I encourage friends and fans alike to ask questions, make comments and requests to help my blog/site grow. I also wanted to let you all know that I will be letting my fans design a facebook, myspace, and twitter site for me. If any of you are interested please let me know as I would like to hold a contest to see who comes up with what I feel is the most creative page that coordinates with the look and feel of my site. I also want to see pictures of me with fans as well as match photos that you may have taken throughout the season. I will review these photos and post them if we can. As for any other requests such as autographs and anything of that sort please direct that to the email listed on the blog.


Fantastic job! Last night,

Fantastic job! Last night, and that smile you flashed me (in the fedora hat) after the match was stunning!
Keep up the excellent play.

Hello Bethanie. Greetings

Hello Bethanie. Greetings from southern England. I've been following your career for a few years now. We live only an hour or so from Wimbledon. I wasn't able to get there this year, but I was courtside for your first round match against Severine Bremond last year. That was a great tournament for you. Tough draw this year. Your mixed doubles was on TV, although I'm afraid I was rooting for Jamie Murray and partner this time!!
Many congratulations on your marriage. I've been married for 32 years (to the same girl!) and I hope that you'll be as happy and contented as we are.
Keep playing exactly the way you do now. It's so good to watch a female player who is not afraid to use all the shots, especially the volley. (Some of your shoelace volleys against Severine were just sublime!)
Best wishes for the hard court season. Hope you'll pop up on TV in England during the US Open.

Looks like you didn't catch

Looks like you didn't catch much of a break with the draws - Venus in Rd 1 of the singles - V & S early in the doubles (CONGRATS ON BEATING THEM) with the #1 seeds right after that and the #1 seed in the Mixed for your first match. GOOD LUCK on the Grass Courts

How awesome!!!!! Taking down

How awesome!!!!! Taking down the duo!!! We love ya lots< wish we were there< kimmmy&timmy&kiddies.

I checked out the pics on

I checked out the pics on your web site. Your pics at the Charleston SC Family Circle Cup are fantastic. The pics at the Riverdogs baseball game where you threw the first pitch, and reading a childrens book to the kids on Easter Sunday was really great. That must have been a memorable day for you. You have had a major winning streak! Three doubles titles in 5 weeks AND during this time you fit in a ANOTHER! The USA Federation Cup WIN!!! Amazing! The French Open singles vs Venus, your second set today was a bute! Do you know you had more winners during that match? I was THRILLED to see the entire match was televised. You looked beautiful! physically fit! and our family was cheering to the tv screen! Wish you could have heard us! The skirt you wore during that match was adorable! Thanks for putting on such an amazing match for your fans. Charleston South Carolina LOVES YOU!!!!!!!! Best of luck with your doubles! was a crazy win! was a crazy win! Peschke played sick in the first set and when we were down 5-2 I knew if I could hold serve and we won that game we could come all the way back and win it. The Czech team actually went to the locker room and got the champagne bottles and brought them to their team bench in anticipation that they were going to win. Leizel and I had something to say about that! It was a young team, but we all contributed in some way shape or form and we won it as a team which is what FedCup is about. I know I didnt have great singles matches, but Glatch stepped up and made it happen in her matches and I pulled it together for the doubles with Liezel which felt great.

As got the outfit, we have certain colors and styles that we can wear for the USA. I had to wear something conservative as it was a team event and you all have to have a similar look. I will check with Courtney about the pics as she did not mention anything to me. Give me your email address and I can send you an email from my personal account and get the pics from you that way. Thanks again to all my WI fans!!!

It is just a decision that

It is just a decision that you have to make personally. I always wanted to be able to play for the USA so I jumped at the opportunity. It is a week off if you are not playing for your country so I would say go ahead and play. Thanks for watching!

Bethanie, You should know

Bethanie, You should know that you had the whole gang from Neenah, WI, Katie, Becki and Jeff pulling for you in that CRAZY GOOD doubles FED CUP win today. You came on so strong when the chips were down and facing match point against. You have to tell us what you are feeling after this win. Such a young team as well and what a story with your coach, Mary Jo. Share whatever you can of this sweet victory for you and the US of A. Best of luck as you girls pound Italy. By the way, did you ever get the pics of Katie from Emily? Did you like the socks pic? Your outfit today in dubs was more conservative but I know this will get outragous again soon. At least I hope so. Peace out as Katie likes to say.


GOOD LUCK IN THE FED CUP!! - It hardly gets ANY publicity - And while you can't blame players who don't want to give up a week or two of their time (especially to travel to Czechoslavakia after being in the US last week) - hopefully fans out there will appreciate the fact that you DID make the commitment. While you are the highest ranked American (other than the Williams sisters) It seems like coutries other than the USA have NO problem whatsoever getting their better players to commit -

Glad to know that you at

Glad to know that you at least got to one of the matches. Nadia and I won our semis match today and are headed to the finals tomorrow. Believe it or not I string at 42. I have had a lot of players ask me what tension i use as it sounds tight but that is the power I hit with.

Hey, I will be out on Family

Hey, I will be out on Family Circle this evening to watch you and Petrova play doubles. I wish I could make it out there to watch your singles match. I do have a geeky tennis question for you: what tension do you have your racquets strong at? it sounds so tight when you hit the ball but I know most pros actually string in the low 50's.

Thanks and good luck

Incredible site!

Incredible site!

The only thing that may

The only thing that may change is how long it takes me to write back to everyone as my site continues to grow. I try and get on here everyday or every other day and keep the blog going but it is hard to find the time. I know it doesn't take all that long but there are not enough hours in my day sometimes. Thanks for looking me up and bringing back a memory!

I'm from Pittsburgh - a few

I'm from Pittsburgh - a few years ago you signed my program after your doubles match - and I won't forget the dazzlin' smile you gave me - and YOU even said THANK YOU (and for some of the other readers out there this was a lower Tier Event where admission was free the first few days - so none of that baloney about "how they pay our salaries" (hehehhehehehehe) And now you're ENCOURAGING fans to write and contact you - Hopefully that will NEVER change!! GOOD LUCK THE REST OF THE SEASON.

Best wishes to you this

Best wishes to you this evening against Huntachova. I remember your saying that you love playing matches later in the day, so your 7 P.M. start should make you very happy. It will be much more fun watching your matches in person but for now "live scoring" will have to do. Let me know how your match is. What do you feel is working in your game and what do you feel you need to concentrate more on. Best of luck with Nadia!!! You picked an amazing doubles player. She is the lucky one!!!!!

Hi Bethanie, Congrats on

Hi Bethanie,
Congrats on your first round match against Bartoli in Ponte Verdra. I'm french but i was definitely rooting for you. It's good to see you back on the tour, and it's even better with the website. A lot of players have websites but they often lack personal updates. So I find it quite admirable to have your feedback on our comments. Awesome!

I'm going to grad school in the US but I made it possible to attend the first week of the French Open this year. So you better be at the top of your game with a kick ass outfit please. ;) As long as you don't play Mauresmo, the french crowd should root for you too. Have a good clay season and keep on with the funky website!

You definitely proved your

You definitely proved your back in shape and ready to DOMINATE today!!! What a match against Bartoli!!!!

How do you feel playing with Nadia Petrova? What are some qualities you look for in a doubles partner to compliment your game?

Way To Go Beth!!!

Great match!!!! Bernie and I

Great match!!!! Bernie and I were watching your match against Bartoli. Great and exciting, even if it was on "live scoring" That tie break, we were sweating, and we wern't even playing! Bernie said when it was 4 all in the second set, this game will determine the match. Whatever!!! You probably thought this was an easy match. I am sooooooo happy for you. Congrats!!!! I love Ponte Vedra!!!!

All tennis players have some

All tennis players have some sort of schedule that they work with, especially when we are in season. It all depends how much you like to train and practice as to whether or not you have a lot of free time. This offseason I got married and didn't even go on a honeymoon since I just wanted to stay home with my husband and dog because all we do is travel all year. During the "season" you have some down time, but most of it is spent thinking about tennis and or resting, relaxing and traveling to another tournament. There is not a whole lot of time for other things when we are working. I do get to visit a lot of great locations around the world and I like history so I sometimes wonder around when I have an off day but that doesn't happen as much as I would like.

I am going to put together a training schedule and or weekly breakdown of what I do when I am on the road playing. You will have to give me some time to put that together as it will take me quite a while to put it all into words. There is only so much time in a day for tennis, rest, game plans, phone calls, updating blogs and so on. I thank you the good luck wishes and taking the time to check out my site. Check back often as I am sure there will be some of the info you are looking for in another response. I didn't mean to ignore your question about singles and doubles. I love playing both, but singles would be my top priority and doubles is in fact a great way to work on some things for singles as well. especially being comfortable at net. Also, doubles is more relaxed and can be much faster sometimes which makes it fun. Don't get me wrong, singles is a blast too but it is just different than doubles. I have to run and will catch up with all of you later. Thanks!!!

Just send them to you mom on

Just send them to you mom on email and she can forward them to me or you can get my number from her and send me text and i will give you my email address. Antoher option is to just email them to my PR firm and they will get them to me as well. Thanks and cant wait to catch up in Charleston.

Well it is nice to know that

Well it is nice to know that I am setting this site up and it is moving in the right direction. Thanks for checking it out and be sure to keep me updated with what you want to know about the tour and or me.

Great site this

Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

Bethanie, it is so cool to


it is so cool to see that you take the time to actually answer all of the support messages, questions, and other types of messages around here! It is so cool to actually get a reply! :D Yet it also makes me curious about your schedule... I mean, I always felt that professional tennis players have a tight schedule they work with - I am also a fan Ana Ivanovic's and in her "diary" on her website I sometimes get to read about how she trains and stuff like that - and so I was wondering if you work with a schedule as well? I already read something about your diet in one of the last posts in this entry, but I am also curious about an insider's view on work ethic. Is your training schedule strict, or do you also have a lot of leisure time? Also, while I'm at it, which aspect of tennis do you focus more on? Singles or doubles? (Or doesn't it work like that?) And do you think that by playing doubles so much, you benefit from it in singles? I mean, I saw your match against Serena at Wimby last year (on tv nonetheless, but still...) and I was really impressed with the way you came to the net and was able to finish the points. So I was wondering if playing doubles really helps you in singles.

I'm wishing you good luck in Florida this coming week, and secretly I am hoping for another reply to one of my posts since that would - again - be o so cool!

Marco, your Dutch fan

Hey Beth! I LOVE your

Hey Beth!

I LOVE your website!!!! You look gorgeous, as always!
I'm soooo glad you're back in the tournaments. It's wayyy more exciting and worthwhile following what's going on in the tennis world when you're all over it.

I have some other pictures of you from the US Open. How do you want me to get them to you?

GOOD LUCK IN PONTE VERDE!!!! I ball crewed for Nadia when she won FCC. She's a great power player. I bet you guys make a strong team!! How do you feel going into it? Is your body feeling okay getting back into the tourny scene?

Love you! Always thinking about you and All the Best! (Maybe I'll get to see you in Chucktown. And if you're ever in Philly let me know)

Gigi...Thanks for checking

Gigi...Thanks for checking out the site. Where are you from? I do have a strict diet and training regiment that I stick to throughout the year. It is hard when I am in Europe and some of the Asian countries to eat what I am use to, but you make do with what you can get. As for my everyday eating habits I would have to tell you that my breakfast is the same almost every day. I actually eat a lot of eggs but I eat them raw. Sounds nasty but there are several ways to do this. I actually use one of those magic bullet blenders since it is the perfect size and I can use it in my hotel room. I typically crack three eggs, two scoops of chocolate rice protein since whey protein doesnt agree with me and then I add a little bit of plain yogurt, one scoop of greens first and some ice. Slap it on the blender and in 10secs i have my breakfast. It actually tastes like mint choc chip which is pretty damn good. I sometimes have a shake like that a few times a day if I am hungry but I try to eat at least 2500 calories a day when i am playing all the time so my body is able to recover.

My husband actually eats a lot of raw eggs as well but you have to be sure you are taking a good multi vitamin/mineral supplement as well. He uses 8 eggs, table spoon or two of all natural peanut butter, one table spoon of orange tang and some ice so it gets thick. He has that shake at least once a day but most times twice along with eating a pile of food. Both of our diets are mostly high protein but we do indulge in some sweets from time to time.

As far as drinks, are you referring to going out for cocktails... or just sports drinks, juices and so on? Nutrition does play a major part of training and playing. If you are not getting enough of what you need on a regular basis it is very hard to recover and be ready for the next day of practice or playing. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Diana!!!!! cant wait to see

Diana!!!!! cant wait to see you as it is only a week and a half away. Hopefully I don't see you until sunday which means I made it late into the Ponte Verde Beach tournament. I know that Justin will be coming out to Charleston as he has never been there before. Take care and I cant wait to see you. Oh...P.S. I need to get my hair done and need a good place to go. I figured it's your town so you know all the right spots.

I think you are a great

I think you are a great tennis player. I hope you have a really great year of tennis. Can you tell me what you like to eat before you play a match? Do you have a special diet during your training? What are your favorite drinks? My parents are always complaining that I don't eat the right things. This is a really awesome web site. I like to read all your comments.

I am soooooo sorry you didn't

I am soooooo sorry you didn't win in Miami. Your doubles match (that you lost moments ago) was so close to a very tough team. I got to watch from the"live scoring" on computer. Not a bad score especially since this was your first doubles match with Nadia. Please tell your partner that Charleston will be bringing major crowds of people to cheer you on at Family Circle Cup. Have a great time at your next tourny! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooooooXXXXX

I sent Emily (very helpful by

I sent Emily (very helpful by the way) some pics last week of Katie for you to see. I followed up with a photo this morning to Emily that ran in the local paper and it was the shot with the knee high socks. I think you will get a kick out of these pics and it may take you back to those early days of junior tennis. Hope you enjoy these and I hope you and Nadia beat up on the #6 seeds in your next round of doubles. How about a "W" for you, Nadia and Katie.

Kristin....Great to hear that

Kristin....Great to hear that you make some of the events with your friends as they are such a good time. I wish I would have played better that day but I am still trying to shake some of the rust off as I took about 4months between the end of last year and the start of this year. I will get it all back and hopefully be able to climb up the ranks a little more. The next step is top 25 and then keep going. Thanks again for taking the time to write me and I would love to see those pics that you have. If you would be so kind as to email my PR firm which is under the contacts list they will be sure and get them to me.

Jeff....thanks for getting a

Jeff....thanks for getting a hold of Emily as I cant wait to see those pics. I am sure that you can email them to her and she will be sure to get them to me.

Our long-awaited Indian Wells

Our long-awaited Indian Wells trip finally came to fruition this year. (That's another story) We are four ladies from Santa Barbara mad about playing/watching tennis, and we rushed over the Statdium 2 to watch you play in person. So glad to see you climbing up the ladder as a singles player for the U.S. We remember your uniqueness and style from our trip down in La Costa 8/3/2006 when you were playing with Jelena in dubs. Got a cute photo of you two coming off the court in your black/pink knee sock outfits if you want it. Best of luck.

Bethanie, I spoke to Emily

Bethanie, I spoke to Emily yesterday and I am sending her a few photos of Katie. I have not happened upon the "Socks" photo yet but it will be found. Have a great Friday and keep creating more great pics for the site here.

Hey Bethanie (spelled it

Hey Bethanie (spelled it right this time) sorry about that as I usually am sharper than that. Good luck in the dubs with Nadia. You are correct that Maiden does date back to the early 80's for me. They are still great though. One of the few bands still together with original team mates.

Bethany, it is really cool to

Bethany, it is really cool to think that a pro athlete like you is so responsive to your public following. My daughter's name is Katie Cunningham and she has taken lessons for years with Scott Miexl as her coach. Do you remember ages ago being in the Fox Valley (Appleton, WI area) and I think you were kind enough to play an exhibition with Scott. It was probably a bigger deal for us than it was for you but Katie has been inspired ever since. I am not sure how I can attach a photo or two of Katie but I will try to figure that out. Sorry to see that you Miami singles bid did not go well. As a player I know of your disappointment. Are you maybe still playing doubles? I will have to check. I will continue to watch for your performance in the coming weeks and months. You go get 'em girl! Neenah, WI is pullin' for ya.

Cool. I will check the pics

Cool. I will check the pics next week. Thanks. Very detailed post about the players ;). Men's tennis, I like watching Federer & Nadal's matches only. Their livel of tennis is way high compared to other players. I have met Federer, Nadal & Bryan twins at Dubai, very warm & friendly individuals. I knew that it would be tough for you to pick a match as your best one but i hope you come up with it soon

Diana!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for

Diana!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great pic that you sent me from US Open! I am so happy you like the site. Other than being my biggest fan you definitely are my second family when I am on the road. I can't wait to catch up with you a few weeks from now in Charleston. I wish I knew which pic was 11 and 12, but I will look at them and prob laugh. I have more pics that will be going up soon so you will have to check back in a few days or a week to see all of them. I have a bunch of personal pics of Justin and I, some of our dogs/horses and other things that we did during the off season. Can't wait to see you!

Rohit...I went through some

Rohit...I went through some of my personal pics and I have some of Sania and I from Wimby last year so I should have them up sometime soon along with a ton of other random pics from my everyday life. Check back to the site in a week or so to see them.

As for my favorite male and female players to watch.....there are certain aspects of players games that I like to watch. Fed is fun to watch since he is so fluid on the court and every move he makes is efficient. He has the ability to make the difficult shots look easy. Rafa just has passion and energy which is an infectious behavior. He works so hard on the court and has fun which is what it is all about. There are so many other great players to watch as well such as the Bryant Bros. These two are so fun to watch as they work side by side and are communicating on the court the whole time which is why they are so successful. They can stay back and serve bombs or come to net and do battle just a foot or two away from the net. As for the WTA I don't sit and watch to many matches as we all compete against each other. I don't look at it the same way as it is my job to play against the other girls. I do watch occasionally if I want to see what a players strengths and weaknesses are in order to put a game plan together, but other than that I usually go to practice or play my match and head back home or to the hotel.

You asked about my best singles match that I have played??? Wow..., I don't even know if I have one that I would say was my best. There are many good matches that I can think of and a bunch more that I would like to forget. I will have to get back to you on that one.

Jeff C...what is your

Jeff C...what is your daughter's name? I am excited to hear that I have inspired some young players out there to be themselves and not worry what others may think. I feel that helps with your game if you can be comfortable with who you are rather than what someone else wants you to be. Have her get in touch with me on the Blog so I can hear how she made out and all about her outfits. Send me a pic if you are able to. The tour dates were a typo as we were in the process of making some changes to that section and the overall look of it. Iron are dating yourself with that one. LOL! I had to ask my husband if I knew any of their songs and he said "AHHH....NOOOO.!" Im sure they have at least a few that I would listen to though as I like some heavy music at times.

Philip...I can't wait to

Philip...I can't wait to start rising in the rankings as well. I just need to get into a rhythm of playing matches again and hopefully I can continue to build from where I ended my season last year. As far as the music goes I may add a music player in phase 2 of my website which should be done in another couple months. My plan is to have continuous web page updates throughout the year to make my site bigger and better. As long as I can play well and focus on that I should draw more people to the site so they can see what I am all about. Believe it or not there really isn't a type of music that I don't like. I have really gotten into country as my husband is an avid fan but I also listen to classic rock, modern rock, hip hop, some rap, and of course I love Enya. That may seem like a weird list, but the Enya helps me relax before a match and at night if I am trying to calm down before I go to sleep. I appreciate the comments and like the suggestion about the music player.

Bernie....Thanks for the BDAY

Bernie....Thanks for the BDAY wishes. I feel like things have flown by since my first match when I was just 8. Your parents always tell you that time flys the older you get and they were not wrong about that.

Happy Birthday to

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't party too much. After you are number 1 for awhile and then retire you can party anytime you want. P.S. Have a great time today!!

Hey Bethanie, I was just

Hey Bethanie, I was just looking at the draw for Miami and I'm really excited to see what you do there. I'm glad to hear that you're playing doubles again with Sania. I love when my favorites pair up together in doubles. So I wish you the best of luck in singles and doubles and I can't wait for the fashion. :)


Hi Bethanie! I am a big fan

Hi Bethanie!
I am a big fan of yours (I'm from Europe)
I think your website is awesome! And I hope you will keep on writing in your blog.
Can't wait to see you rising in the ranking and I hope you will win your first WTA single title this year. Also, I think it would be nice if you could make for exmple, a top ten of you favorite songs/albums/movies in order to know you better.
Good luck in Miami

Wow, your site is incredible.

Wow, your site is incredible. My daughter is a junior at Neenah High School in Neenah, WI and plays #1 singles. She has been to State three years in a row and your are her inspiration. She dresses like you with the high socks that you made famous. Please have your site director change the Miami date to reflect March not Feb. Just a typo I am sure. Go get 'em girl in Miami. I will be down in the area at the April 2 Iron Maiden concert so may get to see some of your tennis too.

Hey Bethanie, This is Nick

Hey Bethanie,

This is Nick from India..first of all congrats on getting married..its great to see your official website and you look great in those pics like u always do ;-). i am a big fan off yours and i like your personality on the court as well as the fact that you blend glamour too along with your game. it was great to see you break into the top 50. Wish you had won that final too. I hope you will have a fantastic season ahead and keep winning both singles and doubles and keep delighting your fans.take care.

Also could you please say 'Namaste'(Hi) to Sania when you meet her :-)

Cool. Pics of you & Sania

Cool. Pics of you & Sania together on court will be awesome. I meant way back as Sania didn't play much of 2008 due to her wrist injury. I hope that you play with her in the near future. Btw who are your favorite male & female tennis players whose matches you like watching presently? & which is the best singles match that you have ever played? Thanks

Thrilling is all I can say

Thrilling is all I can say about this new website. Your pics are great and I can't wait to see this web site grow and grow. Being able to speak to all your fans and to you at the same time? Awesome!!!! I especially love the pics when you are on the court. Your court presence is dynamic. I adore pics 11 + 12. Number 11 is the best picture of you I have ever seen!! Number 12 you and your husband look like the stars that you are. Best of luck in your coming tournaments and I hope you are a pic for the Fed Cup. You are an American Treasure!

Rohit....Thanks for checking

Rohit....Thanks for checking out the site. I will be adding more pics and I will def have some of Sania and I when we were playing doubles. It wasnt that long ago that we played together, in fact we played most of 2008 together and did well at some of the events. Sania and I are good friends and I imagine we will be for long long time.

Hi Bethanie how are you?

Hi Bethanie how are you? Rohit here from India. This site is just awesome. I am a huge fan of yours. Hope that you would be able to come to India in the near future. Btw you played with Sania Mirza in doubles way back, how was the experience? Take care

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