Off Season November

All in all I have to say off season '09 is going great! I ended my tennis year on a good note at the Bell Challenge in Quebec City, Canada. I got to play doubles with local favorite and good friend of mine, Alex Wozniak, and had a blast. I don't think I've laughed so much during a match as we did in the semi's against  Vania and Barbora. As well as Alex and I played, we went down in a tight 3rd set tiebreaker. (To all you Wozniak fans, I found out her pet nickname!  If I let it slip now she might launch a ball at me next time we play, but don't fret, maybe I'll let it slip in a future blog)

After Canada I got to take some "real" time off . What I mean by that is not only did I take off tennis, I had a break from  the gym, from protein shakes, from my healthy diet, from waking up early.... fabulous! However, I'm not the type of person that can sit around and do nothing all day, so00, to everyones surprise (especially my mom's) I started trying my hand at some baking. I'll have to say my favorite course to cook is dessert! I just finished my first attempt at a cheesecake and it was pretty good if I say so myself. I mean, I did brown the entire top of it but I just scraped that off and nobody knew the difference. That still counts right?  I think my cookies, muffins and breads are my strong suit. I like Paula Deen's approach to cooking with lots of real butter! Just admit it, it DOES taste better. If you see Justin next year looking like Jared, the Subway Guy, BEFORE he started his Subway diet... you'll know why...

Now before you get too many images of me slaving away in the kitchen, I did start training with Jay, my fitness trainer, 2 weeks ago, and yes, I started with my protein shakes in the morning again too. I was getting antsy and feeling good so I decided to go ahead with some gym workouts. Another project I forgot to mention was painting our 1 car garage, which we're turning into a little home gym. I chose my favorite colors of the moment, bright Lime green and deep Aqua. That combined with some hot pink stripes it definitely classifies as a workout room, well, my kind of workout room:) I'm in the process of making a Workout Playlist for my IPod. You know that point you get to, when you're sick of everything on your current playlist and need to make a new one? Yea, I'm there! Give me some ideas!!! Right now it's a pretty eclectic list, ranging from  artists like Nickelback to Eric Church and Akon to The Script with a couple electronica songs by Tiesto in between. I'll post the final list when it comes together. As much as I love working out even I need a boost to finish my last sets!

As far as tonight goes, I think I'm going to tune into some Law and Order and go take Ruger out for his evening walk, but I guess at 140lbs he's the one walking me! Hope to hear from all you soon and thanks for logging on to my website!!

xoxo -Bethanie


Hey Bethanie. I'm glad you

Hey Bethanie.

I'm glad you had some time to enjoy yourself where you could let loose and have fun. Season had it's ups and downs for you but I think it was a still a great season. Winning doubles titles and you were a solid member of our Fed Cup team which was a very great team that show cased other American talents. Cant wait to see what the 2010 season has for you. Best of luck. :)

- Matt S.

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