Fed Cup Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the support during Fed Cup! I had a great time being part of the US team. For me it's such a different experience playing for a team and your country versus always for yourself. Every match was packed at the stadium in Leivin, though we weren't the ones being cheered for. Every once in a while I would just tell myself they were cheering for the USA and that helped me get through some tight games in my match. I was ready to play the 2nd singles on Sunday but with Mel pulling out the win, Mary Jo gave  Christina a chance to get some Fed Cup experience.

2/4 Fed Cup

Hey everyone!!!   I just woke up and am headed down to breakfast with the team, but I wanted to take a second and drop you all a line. Despite the continuous rain and chilly weather everything is easy going thus far. The site where we are playing the matches is actually really nice and has a bunch of seating for the French fans. The entire US team practiced yesterday and we all had a good hit even though we had all gotten in Tuesday night from another long ass flight. Today's Schedule will be mostly the same as yesterday except for the dinner reception that we have tonight.

Aussie Open/Fed Cup


I just wanted to take a minute and freshen things up on the BLOG page. I forgot to do it before I left for Australia and then kept putting it off each day I was there. Anyway, The Aussie Open was great this year since the weather was perfect everyday except for one. My husband very much enjoyed Melbourne and the Open. I think he even said it is probably his favorite Slam. The food was great, people were cool and the accommodations were comforting. I got to see some old friends and met plenty of new ones while we were there.

As for the tennis, that went fairly well too.