Bethanie Mattek-Sands is a cheesehead

Publication Date: 
Jun 17, 2011

In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take an abridged version of the most famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. WTA Tour player Bethanie Mattek-Sands is next up. Known for her unique on-court fashion, she talks about being late, loving cheese, and wanting to be a rock star.

Your main fault:
Bethanie Mattek-Sands: I'm generally running late everywhere. If anyone knows me, they know they have to give me a 15- minute buffer. It's come down to I hate waiting around. So if I'm 10 minutes early, I'm standing there with nothing to do. But I've never been late for a match.

Your idea of happiness:
BMS: My idea of happiness is being content with yourself. It's good to be able to be by yourself and still have fun.

Your idea of misery:
BMS: Oh man, my idea of misery is staying inside a cab in Rome for too long. I get carsick. I'm pretty bad with it, and I think Rome driving is the worst.

If not yourself, who would you want to be?
BMS: It's cool being me, but I would definitely say it would be cool to be a rock star. Their whole lifestyle; you can say whatever you want and there's no anti-doping. At a rock concert with music, fans going crazy, I think it would be pretty cool to be on stage.

Your favorite food/drink:
BMS: I'd have to go with cheese, and right now Manchego is my favorite cheese. I love cheese, and I'm from Wisconsin originally, so I'm a cheesehead. I love Indian food, especially in London. Favorite adult beverage, I have a little mix I make called Italian Wedding Cake, which is a little bit of amaretto, half lemon and vanilla vodka, and you can put in a little pineapple juice, too. And coconut water.

Hero or heroine you admire most:
BMS: Right now, the athlete I admire most is Manny Pacquiao. I like boxing, and I like watching him fight because it looks like he always enjoys himself. Every time he walks in the ring, he's smiling. But then in the ring, he's an animal.

The natural talent you'd like to be gifted with:
BMS: I wish I could sing. I'd like to play the drums.

Your greatest fear:
BMS: Sharks. But I actually conquered it, because I went surfing last week in the southwest coast of France. I asked if there were any sharks in the water, and they said just little ones. If I go into the water at the beach, I try to make sure there's a big man or woman, in a sparkling swimsuit, right in front of me because I know I can get out of the water faster than they can, so you're good.

Your greatest extravagance:
BMS: We like good food so we'll spend a lot of money at [gourmet grocer] Whole Foods and nice restaurants. And I bought myself a Bvlgari purse.

Your most treasured possession:
BMS: Our dog Ruger, he's a Boerboel Mastiff, and my husband (Justin).

Your present state of mind:
BMS: Free, relaxed and happy.